Breast Reconstruction

The majority of Dr. Gordley’s practice is focused on the surgical restoration of the breast during and after breast cancer. Breast reconstruction after mastectomy is becoming increasingly common as more women become educated about their options surrounding breast cancer treatment. Sound oncologic treatment of the cancer is, of course, the primary goal. But there is life after breast cancer, and multiple studies have proven an increase in quality of life after mastectomy if the patient undergoes breast reconstruction. Although there are several basic options for reconstructing a breast, the timing and choices surrounding reconstruction can quickly become complicated when considering the cancer treatment plan. Creating a unique plan that addresses both the cancer treatment and reconstruction is vital to a successful outcome. Dr. Gordley will help to guide you through this complex process as smoothly as possible.

The three basic options for breast reconstruction are elaborated upon below. Please know that not every patient is a good candidate for every procedure, and that your reconstruction will be tailor fit to your exact situation.

  1. Tissue Expanders and implants
  2. Latissimus dorsi flap and implant
  3. Autologous Tissue flaps [TRAM, DIEP, SIEA, GAP]
  4. Oncoplastic Breast Reduction/Lift

The final finishing touches of breast reconstruction are the nipple reconstruction (which is done in the office), and tattooing of the areola.