Oncoplastic Breast Reduction/Lift

When a woman has been diagnosed with breast cancer, she often times is offered a lumpectomy (and radiation) as a means of treating her cancer.   While this is a procedure that is time-tested and well accepted, it can in some situations deform the breast, depending on the size and location of the lump removed in relation to the size of the breast.   If this deformity is realized after the radation is complete, it is often impossible to fix or improve.

There are certain patients that have either a very large breast, or a ptotic (sagging) breast that might benefit from an “oncoplastic” reduction or lift.   Essentially, this is where we anticipate part of the breast being removed during a lumpectomy, and plan a breast reduction (or lift) around it to improve the end cosmetic result.   It allows the breast surgeon to take a better specimen, which only helps the patient’s long term outcome.  It creates a breast of more normal shape and size, which allows for better radiation delivery, improved symptoms of back and neck strain, and better cosmesis.   Then, once this is complete, she is ready to finish her treatment with radiation.

The Rt. breast cancer was excised by the breast surgeon using these markings, and then in a second stage the breasts were reduced, yielding better symmetry and shape.

A Lt. breast cancer removed via lumpectomy, and then at a second stage reduced in preparation for radiation. The Rt. breast was addressed as well to obtain symmetry.