Tissue Expanders and implants

Tissue expander/Implant reconstruction- After mastectomy there is a shortage of both skin and volume. Perhaps the simplest method of reconstruction is to place a tissue expander (inflatable implant) underneath the skin, to then serially inflate the expander in the office, and then exchange this implant several months later for a more permanent implant. The upside of this method is the relatively easier recovery time, short predictable surgeries, and a very reasonable result. The downside is the potential for scar contracture around the implant (requiring surgical revision), at minimum two surgeries and multiple office visits. In addition, these breasts may not be as natural appearing as the other methods described below. In some cases, we may choose to forego the tissue expansion process and skip straight to a breast implant, along with the use of cadaveric skin to cover the surface of the implant.

Tissue Expander Reconstruction

Bilateral Mastectomies + Tissue Expanders, then implants

Bilateral Mastectomies + Tissue Expanders, then implants

Left Mastectomy + Tissue Expander, then implant along with Right breast lift and implant

Right Mastectomy, with later a Tissue Expander, and then implant along with Left breast lift and implant