Skin Care (Chemical peels, laser resurfacing)

Treating the surface of the skin is as important as surgery or injectables in improving facial appearance. Fine wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, subtle irregularities in skin pigmentation, rough skin and even more coarse wrinkles on the face can be addressed with skin resurfacing. In addition, treating the skin as an adjunct to surgery can improve an already good result.

As part of a comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation, Dr. Gordley may recommend skin resurfacing with either chemical peels or laser resurfacing using the latest technology in ablative resurfacing.

There are many different ways to treat these issues, and some have more downtime than others. Those treatments with more effectiveness (phenol peel, deep TCA peel, ablative lasers) carry a longer recovery time, often with redness and scaling skin for several weeks to even months. However, some are quite mild (glycolic acid and lactic acid peels), and are more appropriate for the working individual.

We are pleased to carry to wonderfully effective Obagi and SkinMedica line of skin care products. Our Aesthetician can provide you a complimentary thorough analysis of your skin to assess your individual needs.

The following 35-year-old young lady had already begun to show signs of sun damage and premature aging, as evidenced by the pigmentation of the upper lip and cheeks. After only one month on Obagi NuDerm system (with Retin-A and hydroquinone), her skin color appears much more homogenous and youthful.