Medial Thigh Lift

After massive weight loss, the thighs may retain a significant excess of skin, which can be frustrating for some patients who would like to wear shorts or bathing suits. A medial thigh lift is an excellent way to redrape the skin of the thighs to produce a better contour and tighter appearance of the skin.

A good adjunct procedure to lower body lift, this is usually done after the lower body lift is complete to maximize the end result.

Incisions are kept hidden on the inside of the thigh. Typical patients will require a week off of work, and must wear a compressive garment for six weeks.

The following patient had previously undergone a lower body lift, and now desired a better contour and skin tone of the thighs, which was achieved with a medial thigh lift. Note the improved tone of the thigh skin, and disappearance of the excess pleated skin.