A year ago, you changed my life and I truly adore you for that. I thought you were a hopeless optimist. I started out this journey too afraid to look at myself in the mirror. However, you saw hope through the broken glass. You put the pieces back together again and made me whole once more. It is because of you and other wonderful individuals that I can use my experience to become "better"; not "bitter". You not only saved my life, you made me feel beautiful again...From the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much for all your effort, compassion, and understanding. I'll never forget what you've done for me and my family. I am eternally grateful. S.B.


It is hard to come up with words for what you have given me. I slowly lost what I thought was myself when I got cancer. And so when I felt like I was down for the count, you took the extra time and consideration for me to brush off and get back up. You went so far beyond the call of duty, to say thank you just did not seem adequate. Our only hope is that as our time with you grows short, our Tuesday mornings have been nicer because you have been in them. Our small statement here is just a small thing to say thanks; you'll never know how it felt when that last drain came out and in my mind I said, "I'm not quite there, but I'm back!" M.H.


I simply don't know where to begin to thank you for all you have done for me over the past two years. I am remembering back to the first day that I met you...and I told you that The Lord had picked you for me...and I know that now more than ever. My family and I have prayed for you many times over these many months and I will continue to do so over the years ahead.
How He has blessed you with such intelligence, amazing skill and compassion and caring...and I have experienced all of these. You have given me back my self-confidence and self-esteem that the breast cancer tried to strip from me. I remember when I look at the scars what I have been through...but when I see the breasts you have fashioned for me...all the negative past fades and I see a new me and a new normal. Please know that a gift you have given me.
And I must tell you what two wonderful women...Kelli and Kandra...are and how kind, helpful and courteous they have been to me during my many visits to your office. They are a beautiful extension to your care. D.V.


Dr. Gordley and Staff,
Thank you so much for your care and support. Your kindness was so appreciated during what was a very scary time for me. I have told my friends and family that you all were the silver lining in this whole process!


Being diagnosed with breast cancer was a scary and stressful time for me. Dr. Gordley took his time explaining my options and helped me through the whole process. He took away a lot of the anxiety I came in with and actually gave me things to look forward to. I thank him dearly for being a great and caring doctor with hands that do fabulous work.


"As a cancer patient, the thought of meeting with a plastic surgeon regularly can seem a bit intimidating, as you feel far from glamorous during this season. Dr. Gordley and his staff were focused on me as a woman and not as a project. The client/doctor relationship was critical to me and Dr. Gordley was interested in me personally as well as my goals for cancer reconstruction and beyond. Dr. Gordley is passionate about women rebuilding their lives post breast cancer treatment and this was obvious even during the initial consultation. His attitude and demeanor did not change once I became an actual patient either. That means the world to a woman going through BC. Dr. Gordley is not only professional, he is compassionate. His is a perfectionist and that is great when you are on the receiving end of his work...which seems to also be his passion.


In September 2010, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and I had a mastectomy 3 months later. Dr. Gordley was recommended by my surgeon to do the reconstructive surgery. He was extremely helpful in answering all of my questions. I was very anxious during this time in my life, and Dr. Gordley’s kindness and patience put me at ease. He truly helped my through this difficult time. The results of the reconstruction are fantastic, and you wouldn’t even know that I had surgery. I would recommend Dr. Gordley to anyone.


I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 38yrs of age. Once you hear the “C” word, your mind begins to race. After consulting with my general surgeon, I knew I was going to opt for a double mastectomy but was in search of a knowledgeable and compassionate plastic surgeon to help with breast reconstruction. Dr. Gordley was recommended by several top physicians and health care team members in The Woodlands area.
I remember the first day I met Dr. Gordley. He was very compassionate and caring, all the while answering every question in thorough detail. The staff was always kind and helpful during the tough times of recovery.
I was probably not the easiest patient to schedule appointments with, as I lived 3hrs away, but chose to make that drive every week during the recovery process in order to receive the best care and treatment.
I have recommended and will continue to recommend Dr. Gordley to all of my friends and family in need.
Thanks for all you have done. More importantly, thanks for turning my tears into smiles.


I was referred to Dr. Gordley by my surgeon after finding out that I had to have a bilateral mastectomy. From my first encounter with Dr. Gordley and his heaven sent staff, was just absolutely wonderful. I always felt like the entire staff went over and beyond to ensure that this experience was a pleasant one and it has been. Dr Gordley far exceeded my expectations of what I pictured the outcome to be after cancer. All that I can say is thank you Kelly for always greeting me with a smile, thank you Kandra for always making sure that I was comfortable, and to Dr. Gordley words will never be able to express my gratitude for the wonderful job you did in helping me to continue to feel and look like a natural woman.


What can I say?! Doctor Gordley is simply amazing! I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2012 and underwent a mastectomy of my left breast. Thankfully, Dr. Gordley was my reconstructive surgeon. After reviewing my options and asking many questions, I decided to go with implants for the reconstruction. I am very pleased with the outcome. The results are fantastic! My family and friends couldn’t believe how quickly I was out and about. As a matter of fact, four weeks after surgery I was on the beach in a bikini – confident and enjoying my beach vacation.
Dr. Gordley is a very skilled surgeon as well as a kind and compassionate person. His staff reflects that same compassion. From start to finish, I felt very comfortable under his care. Thank you, Dr. Gordley!


I was only 30 years old when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Dr. Gordley explained all of my options and helped me make the best decisions for my personal circumstances. He answered my questions and made sure I was comfortable going into each procedure. I’ve been extremely pleased with my entire breast reconstruction process. I was little nervous how I would look and feel after everything, but the results are amazing.


After being diagnosed with breast cancer, one of the last things that I wanted to do was to see yet another doctor and ask more questions about something that I was not familiar with at all – reconstructive surgery. I had so many concerns: What type of surgery is best for me? Is it safe? Will I look different? Will people know I have had breast reconstruction? Based on a recommendation, I contacted Dr. Gordley. From the moment I first met with Dr. Gordley, I knew he was the surgeon for me. I was so nervous not knowing what to expect or even ask about with regards to breast reconstruction. Dr. Gordley immediately made my husband and I feel comfortable and he put me at ease with his extensive knowledge and genuine compassion. He always took the time to see my husband and I, answer every one of our questions (many times more than once!), and was very thorough with his medical explanations, bringing them to a level that we could clearly understand.
I often refer to Dr. Gordley as my “guardian angel” as he guided me every step of the way through my reconstruction. As a breast cancer survivor, you meet so many different doctors who are all equally important in your cancer journey. However, every day I am reminded of Dr. Gordley’s work when I look in the mirror. I know that I made the right decision and I couldn’t have chosen a better doctor.


Dr. Gordley,
We can’t thank you enough for jumping in and making things right with our son’s precious face. Your expertise, you attitude, and your kindness will never be forgotten. Luke looks and feels so much better. You really are a hero to our family. Thanks- a million times over!


I just wanted to say a special “Thank you” for taking such great care of me during this trying ordeal. You really made me feel at ease, not embarrassed or uncomfortable. I appreciate everything and think you are a great doctor.


Dr. Gordley,
I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for your work on my jaw & making such a painful situation much easier for me, knowing you were going to take care of it with professionalism. All the hard work and dedication you have put into my jaw is appreciated more than you will ever know. Without you and the surgery I honestly do not know what I would have done. You are such an amazing doctor, and I wish you and your family all the best. Thank you so much again.


I came to you with a horrible and scary diagnosis of cancer and left with a different frame of mind. You helped take the focus away from the cancer and made it about the wonderful things that could come from it. It made all the difference and helped me get through it all.
Thanks so much.


Dear Dr. Gordley & staff,
I just wanted to write a quick thanks to the three of you for helping to make my journey with Breast Cancer so, much easier to travel. I tell my friends, family and other healthcare providers how appreciative I have been and continue to be of your care. There is always a smile and a “How are you today Colleen” when I arrive at your office. It certainly means a tremendous amount to be welcomed as a person and not just a number or another patient.
“You have Breast Cancer”, was never something I ever thought I would hear, like so many other women you see in your practice every day. This is a time when emotions, body image and lifestyles change-frequently. All of you have helped to “lighten the load” for my family and I through your compassion and guidance.
I was especially touched by your offer the other week to set aside time in your busy schedule to go the extra mile and do something really special for the Breast Cancer patients currently in your care. I am enjoying my new look!! Fewer wrinkles give me a few hundred less things to worry about. It has been a definite boost to my self-esteem. My husband has been so impressed he is actually considering Dysport as an option to look younger prior to his 30 year High School Reunion!
Truly, from my heart, am very thankful to all of you for helping to make my journey an easier place to travel.


In 2008 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I decided to have a bilateral mastectomy and to go ahead with reconstructive surgery immediately following. I was referred to Dr. Kyle Gordley for a consultation with the hope that he could put me back together again. During this terrifying time in my life, I was comforted by his attentiveness and kindness. I wanted to still recognize myself after the reconstruction. With numerous office visits, a proper plan of action was created that gave me peace of mind and left me feeling confident. Here I am four years later, whole and high on life. I'd recommend Dr. Gordley to anyone!


Next week it will be one year since my bilateral mastectomy. What a difference a year makes. I thank you for being with me throughout the reconstructive process. You inspired confidence in me that everything would be okay. And it is! I feel healthy and whole, and I am very grateful.


Dear Dr. Gordley,
After my office visit, I went home and took a good look at the beautiful job you did for me. I just wanted you to know I truly do appreciate your talent as a surgeon and your warm and wonderful care before and after.
Thank you.


Dr. Gordley,
There is no way to sufficiently thank you for the beautiful job you did for my little girl. I will be forever grateful.


Dear Dr. Gordley,
Thank you so much for taking care of me. I can’t believe how easy this experience….ok, I know it is not an easy thing but what I’m trying to say is that had I known I had nothing to worry about under your care; I would have done this years ago. I am very happy with the results and very grateful to you for keeping me safe.


Dr. Gordley,
You must know how thankful my husband & I are that we chose you to be my surgeon. This has been a crazy, wonderful, and challenging year for our family. First of all, I am so happy with how I look now. Since the last surgery, I have felt like “Lisa” and am excited as I can buy new clothes.
We are grateful for the talent and skill you possess as a surgeon and your attention to detail. That could be all anyone asks for but you have also been so kind and responsive to all of the emotions involved with Todd and I as we’ve walked through this whole “cancer thing”. That makes you an exceptional doctor and I am forever appreciative of that.
The Lord is my strength and helper during this time.
We pray you have a wonderful holiday with your family.


Dear Dr. Gordley,
Thank you for doing magic and miracles! I am so blessed to have you and Dr. Sutton as my surgeons. Thank you for making the entire process as simple and straight forward as you possibly can, and for your patience, reassurance, and support. For someone who was absolutely terrified, that made a world of difference. I appreciate how extensive your training has been, to accomplish such amazing results. It was obviously time well spent.
Your work has made such a difference in my life. Shopping and getting dressed are fun again. Yoga is so much easier, and I feel so much better about myself. The results are better than I could have ever imagined. I am forever grateful.

Actual patient photographs courtesy of Shabby Jack Photography