Specializing in the Art of Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Gordley’s passion for breast reconstruction came from witnessing countless afflicted women with breast cancer struggle through confusing treatment options and technical jargon at some of the larger institutions at which he has trained. His goal has been to help these women journey through this difficult process by using plain-sense to weave through the options, ensuring appropriate expectations through good communication, and providing clean, predictable surgical results.

Breast Reconstructive Surgery

The majority of Dr. Gordley’s practice is focused on the surgical restoration of the breast during and after breast cancer. Breast reconstruction after a mastectomy is becoming increasingly common as more women become educated about their options surrounding breast cancer treatment.

Body Contouring

After losing a significant amount of weight, the skin of the upper arms, around the upper chest, and breasts may not retract fully. This causes a significant amount of skin laxity in the upper arms that makes wearing short sleaves or tighter clothing embarrassing for some patients. In addition, the excess skin folds around the back and drooping breasts can be unsightly.

Facial Surgery

Facial surgery is a type of plastic surgery that aims to enhance or correct your facial features, such as your eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, ears, and neck. Dr. Gordley helps you find the best type of facial surgery that will get the improvements that interest you.