Latissimus Dorsi &
Implant Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction in The Woodlands, TX

What is Latissimus dorsi and implant reconstruction?

Latissimus dorsi and implant reconstruction – A good mixture of the pros and cons of the previous procedures, the latissimus reconstruction is a reasonable option for some patients. By transferring a muscle from the back with the overlying skin, the skin portion of the reconstruction is satisfied. Then, an implant is used to replace the missing volume. The back muscle is quite expendable and there is minimal functional impairment after the surgery. There is still the potential for implant-related issues and need for revisions in the future, but the recovery is 3-4 weeks and the aesthetic result is somewhere in between the other two options.

What his patients have to say …

“Being diagnosed with breast cancer was a scary and stressful time for me. Dr. Gordley took his time explaining my options and helped me through the whole process. He took away a lot of the anxiety I came in with and actually gave me things to look forward to. I thank him dearly for being a great and caring doctor with hands that do fabulous work.”